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Revenge Of The Cookies By: Orcool

Hello this is my first post in english to this blog I hope you like:
Revenge Of The Cookies By: Orcool
Before beginning the story ... you know what time is it?
Interesting fact  time:
Did You knew that the cookies have names but not enough time to tell those to us cuz we eat them before?
Juan Lopez Tejada used to be a guy like everyone else, besides being my best friend, with problems but happy or so it was before the "accident" .... It all started on Wednesday last week and I remember that very well ... Oh ! Sorry I have not presented to you the public. My name is Bob Fritz Juan's best friend ... Just to be clear I AM NOT AMERICAN grrrrrr hate everybody asking me that.
 Continuing with the story ... Our group 6 ° G was in a walk in the park river wolf (its slogan is "2 things that do not mix" who would think of that?) All went well except that the bully Abel Cain was bothering all of us and disarming the tents. Although Prof. Ian straitjacketed him, he only broke it  like the hulk making sounds like ahhhh GRRR ... and pulled Prof. Ian to the ground and and and  and  kick him the bloody nose and left him a black eye. But at night all changed ...
Abel slept sooooooo away from others for our safety ... but he decided it actually ... but at the suggestion of Prof. Ian. John, a boy named Fred and I went for some water, there was a really big water gallons of this size and you had to bow to the ground to serve only a glass of water, we continued for a glass of water when suddenly we saw a human-sized cookie eating Abel Cain (John and I said "NOOO Why did he was eaten by that cookie so rare" and Fred said "OH YES he was eaten by the cookie, he was eaten by the cookie UUUUUAAAAA" .....  The next morning he discovered he had an opening in the head ... we did it) Well we ran (with Fred between arms) back to camp and told what had happened to
 He told us the following story ...
"Long ago some campers left an opened package of crackers and a cookie got out of the package then fell a heavy rain and a few good rays Frankenstein style dropped to the  cookie and suddenly began to walk and was like "what the hell happened to me" and hid behind some bushes waiting for his companions to follow him but he felt asleep. The next morning the campers picked up the package and ate like wild animals the rest of the cookies. Witnessing this act the cookie, named Ramone Luck discovered that humans ate the cookies and ate and campers and since then Ramone Luck "The Vengeful Cookie" takes revenge on humans by eating humans as cookies. "
Ramone Luck came out of nowhere and ate Prof. Ian everybody ran  but he  reached some of us. Cuando se fue, Juan y Yo fuimos a la tienda de campaña del Prof. Ian y encontramos armas asesina galletas así que Juan y Yo nos fuimos corriendo a matar a Ramone y aunque le disparamos lo más que pudimos se comió a Juan mientras gritaba : “Voy a vengar a todas las galletas comidas Muajajajaja” yo me alcancé a salvar junto con lo que restaba del grupo. When he left, Juan and I went to the tent and found Prof. Ian cookie murderer weapons so Juan and I went off to kill Ramone and although we shot as much as we could ate Juan shouting " I will avenge all cookies eaten as meals Muajajajaja "I managed to save what remained of the group.
Here I put some conclusions from this experience:
I finished my studies and returned to school Monte Rincon, my old school to get a teaching position in the group of 6 ° G
 2 guys of that generation who were American  returned to United States in 2005 and created a group called Smosh.
97% of that generation is still living with their parents, having nightmares from that experience and peeing the bed.
The only 3 graves in the cementry of Santa Luchiaaa that have no bodies are those of Abel Cain, Juan López Tejada And Professor Ian Tchaikovsky.

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